Protection Products :

Chest Protector: keep your chest and stomach safe from incoming kicks and punches whilst sparring, highly recommended for upcoming Taekwondo fighters looking for sturdy, thick and reliable protection during sparring practice.

Head Protector: protect your head from those high rising kicks, fight confidently knowing your head is covered with a, strong cushioned and well ventilated head protector, highly recommended for in club sparring practice.

Groin Protector: unfortunately not all strikes hit their intended targets, so protect yourself against foul blows below belt in Sparring with well fit Groin protection, reduce injury, recover faster and get back into the fight.

Arm Protectors: reduce injury to your forearns as you fight, safely block kicks and deflect punches with a set of sturdy RANGE arm guards, don’t let blocking cause you a higher chance of injury whilst training and sparring.

Shin Protectors: crucial protection for the Taekwondo athlete sensitive shins during training and sparring. Protect yourself against low foul blows and shin clashing during sparring, prevent leg related injuries from spoiling you Taekwondo experience.

Hand Protectors: RANGE SPORTS Taekwondo Sparring gloves, confidently deliver punches and deflect incoming strikes with a pair of these versatile and reliable sparring gloves.

Foot Protectors: the most reliable footwear for your Taekwondo practice. Reduce injury to your feet as you train and spar with a pair of well fitted foot protectors.

Shin and Foot Protectors: Foot and shin protection in a single product, set up fast and get into the fight. This protective gear simultaneously protects both your shins and feet as you train and fight to reduce injury. Reliable for club sparring.

Gum Shield: crucial protection for Jaws and teeth in Sparring, prevent injury to your mouth with a reliable RANGE gum shield, can also be moulded for a more comfortable fit.