The taekwondo uniform is commonly known as the taekwondo dobok within taekwondo dojangs. The tkd suit is traditionally white in colour and the rank of the student is signified by the colour of the neck colour. The v-neck taekwondo suits were adopted as the typical choice of taekwondo uniform in the 1970’s as the World Taekwondo Federation started to modernise the martial and combat sport.

All white taekwondo uniforms are worn by students who are working towards their black belts. Taekwondo suits with red and black collars are Poom rank which are students under the age of 15 who have reached the level of black belt. Beyond 15 years of age, all black belts ranks wear black collar taekwondo uniforms.

Typical club white collar v-neck taekwondo uniforms are made from ribbed or plain materials. The uniforms become more exciting with the more technological fabrics with the black collar uniforms. The JC Vortex II uniform and the adidas adiflex uniform are the top end uniforms that are as light as feather!

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