Custom Medals for your event and club


Award Excellency, promote your brand and events with a quality Generic or Customized medal, designed to your liking around your, sport, goal or organization. Include your logo on the front of your medal and even have it on the back. Ribbons can also be customised with different colours and unique designs to suit the style of your event, sport and/or organisation. We can provide a specialised medal in a themed design to suit you, at an affordable price.

Diameter: 7cm
Thickness 3mm
Logo: 4.8cm

Logo Options: Logos can be placed on Front and back of medals in form a sticker.
Images on the front and back of medals can also be different.

Available in: Gold, Silver and Bronze
Custom Ribbon: Ribbon design customizable in all colours, with a long range of different design choices and with choice to add text.

Design check:

  • FREE Basic Design (Medal Logo)
  • FREE Medal Artwork check.

Best use: for the club presentation, Competitions event and for club presentations.
Durable and long lasting medals and ribbons for your events.


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