JC Single Target Kick Pad Regular

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The perfect martial arts training tool for warm-ups and striking practice, sharpen the accuracy of your kicks, enhance stamina, and learn to kick like a pro with the most versatile striking pad out there! This is an absolute “must-have” for any pro fighter or martial artist! This lightweight tool is easy to carry, easy to store, and good to go in the gym, in the club, at home, or even outside.


  • Diamond pattern material
  • Available in 4 Colours
  • (L) 41cm x (W) 20 cm
  • EVA foam
  • PU covered
  • Long gripping handle with elasticated wrist strap
  • A quality tool made from durable material for long time use guaranteed

Double Target Kick Pad Large: A staple for every Taekwondo academy and athlete. Improve your technique, speed and accuracy of those crucial kicks with a long life Taekwondo kick paddle.


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