This document will layout how Range Sports UK will make use of your personal information in order to provide you with an efficient yet safe experience whilst using our services. Range sports operates with a cookies function and policy in order to allow us to effectively track, store and manage data regarding your activities whilst visiting our website, agreeing to this policy while using our site consent us to put cookies in to use.

Cookies will record information from computer or device such as IP address, location settings, page views, visit time, use of navigation tools, device operating system, details of transactions made in relation to purchases made.

We can allow record and store any other information you agree to send us, we will also store information you provide us through subscribing to Range Sports UK official website. If you are registering information on the behalf of another party we will first need consent from them to the disclosure and processing of their personal information in accordance with our terms of use policy.

All information stored is strictly protected by our data protection policy. No data or information will sent to any third party unless requested by you directly with permission to proceed.

Why use Cookies?
Most browsers will allow you to reject cookies if you want to, however cookies are used on websites primarily for the purpose of improving your service in ways such as:

• Tracking your activities whilst on our website to enable us to better meet your specific needs and even allow you to load our website and its pages faster when you revisit.
• Improve security of your visits helping to reduce fraudulent or suspicious activity whilst on our website, we are committed is ensuring your transactions are as safe as possible.
• Improve our services in the future.
• Keep record of overall transactions and site activities.

Please note cookies do not contain any information regarding you personally such as your name, date of birth or contact details. Information collected through cookies refers to the device details you use whilst visiting our website.

Cookies stored on your device can also be deleted if you want, but please note visiting and using our website in the future will be easier with the cookies still on your device.

Most browsers and devices also allow the option to completely block or reject cookies completely if want, however if you don’t accept our cookies policy please be aware that some of the features we provide on Range Sports UK official website may no longer be available.

To summarise, we primarily use cookies to better serve the security and service needs of our customers. The information collected will allow to identify and resolve issues encountered and better improve your service in the future. Cookies and personal information collected are used to make our services safer and more effective. For more information please see our data protection policy.

We may disclose your personal information to any Range Sports employees, officers, agents, suppliers or subcontractors as long as deemed as reasonably necessary for the purposes set out by our privacy policy, meaning We are able to disclose personal information between our own personnel and to other subcontractors necessary to complete the transaction process or data management.
• if we are required to by the law.
• information may also be released in order to assist in legal proceedings.
• to protect ourselves legally (for example against fraudulent activities or credit disputes)
• to any person or persons we see as reasonable required in need of it in a court settlement for their utmost safety.

Please note that these conditions do not allow to distribute your personal information to third parties.

International data transfers
We collect may collect and store information processed and transferred between any of the countries internet domains, however please be aware that laws and security measures in place in other countries may be different and therefore potentially less secure. Please make sure you are aware of the different conditions and risks in regards to data protection in the country you transferring data from. We will not take responsibility for information stolen, lost or mishandled if the cause was poor domain security during data transfers. We are responsible for information stored within our servers and our website security.

Keeping your personal information safe
We take data protection very seriously at Range Sports UK all information you provide will be stored and protected on our secure password and firewall protected servers. We have a obligation to protect information you pus and to take every precaution we can to keep your personal information safe. Electronic transactions entered into the website are protected by encryption technology. You must also acknowledge that you are responsible for the security of your personal information whilst using the internet, we can’t take responsibility for the loss or theft of your personal information, log in details, password, email address whilst you are sending information across the web. The internet is not a completely secure method for the use of information therefore we need you to acknowledge you also have a responsibility for your own safety. To summarise we are not obligated to take responsibility for information lost, stolen or mishandled unless we are directly at fault and have failed to protect the information You trusted to store and protect. We will not ask for any information outside our website, as emails and social media accounts can be replicated by fraudsters to steal data. Once registered to Range please conduct any purchases or data management through us directly, such as website or telephone.

Your rights
You are by law able request to view information we hold about you, this will come with a administration fee of £10. We will also require sufficient proof of identity before we can legally disclose any information we hold to you. We must be absolutely convinced we providing you with your information only. We have a strict obligation to protect our customers from Fraud and data misuse. We have a data protection policy available in accordance to our data protection commitments.

Third party websites
Range Sports is not responsible for the privacy or data protection of any other websites or organisations linked or found through our official website or social media pages.

Changes to our Policy
Our policies may be updated in the future to better suit the safety and security of our customers and our company, so be sure to check and reread our policies from time to time to make sure you are aware of any new policy changes in action.

Changes to your information
Feel free to contact us if you need to adjust or add new Information regarding your details and registration to Range Sports UK.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or the management your personal information, please contact us:
Telephone: 07944988806
Email: info@range-sports.co.uk
Website: www.Range-sport.co.uk
Facebook: Range Sports page
Address: Range Sports, Unit 9, Springfield Mills, Longwood,
HD3 4TG Huddersfield.