Virtual Poomsae Seminar by GM Ik Pil Kang 9th Dan 


  • How do I walk
  • How do I turn
  • How do I use my body
  • How do I use my arms
  • How should I connect the action
  • Why am I not improving my Poomsae skills?

All these answers and much more will be addressed in this seminar 


* Date: 5-6 December 2020
* Training method: Virtual over the Zoom
* Registration and Payment method: Online ONLY at the Martial Arts Event website 
* No refund after registration 
* Awards: Everyone will receive a participation certificate 


Sponsors:                            Range Sports, Jcalicu UK (JC UK), KA Taekwondo, TKW TaeKangWon 

Competition Director:     Master Kambiz Ramzan Ali

Contact:                               +44 (0)7944988806


 Registration Website: